Scalp Care Hair Growth Bundle

Scalp Care Hair Growth Bundle

   Clinically proven thicker hair diameter
  Clinically proven denser scalp coverage
  Clinically proven reduced hair shedding
  Clinically proven suppressed scalp inflammation

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This bundle includes our Hair Growth & Thickness Supplement and Scalp Massage Hair Revival Serum, a powerful combination that improves scalp health for thicker, fuller, longer-living hair. This bundle is effective for both women and men.  The supplement and serum are carefully formulated with research-backed ingredients, free from drugs, strong fragrances, and harmful additives.

The Hair Growth & Thickness Supplement is clinically proven to improve hair diameter and increase scalp coverage. This supplement includes our synergistic blend of botanicals and nutrients, proven effective for women and men (clinical trials consisted of 60% women and 40% men).

The Scalp Massage Hair Revival Serum is a powerful treatment that is third-party tested to reduce shedding and scalp inflammation. The unique claw-foot applicator massages the scalp during application, opening pores while delivering a potent dose of essential nutrients directly to hair roots.  The serum was formulated with skin and scalp sensitivities in mind, free from strong fragrances and harmful additives.

Hair Growth & Thickness Supplement: Take 2 pills daily with food

Scalp Massage Hair Revival Serum: Apply 1-2 times daily. Apply evenly across your scalp until slightly damp. Let your scalp dry out naturally. Do not wash off.

  • Reduced Hair Shedding

    After just one month, Ben's Lab users reduced shedding by over 70%, from 50 hairs to 14 hairs a day.
  • Increased Hair Density

    Over a 6-month period, Ben's Lab users saw a significant increase in hair density, while the control group experienced hair loss.
  • Visibly Thicker Hair

    Over a 6-month period, Ben's Lab users saw a significant increase in hair thickness, while the control group experienced hair thinning.

Ben's Lab is formulated for women and men looking to support and protect their scalp from hair thinning and loss. While hair thinning is multifactorial, all of our scalps are reliant on the same nutrients and susceptible to the common causes of hair miniaturization.

We developed a daily care routine that includes a supplement and topical serum that work in tandem to defy hair thinning and loss from the inside out.

Ben's Lab is not intended for individuals under 18 or pregnant women.

While many factors influence the results you may see from Ben's Lab, including the consistency of your routine and your health prior to starting, most results are experienced between 1 month to 6 months.

A third-party clinical trial showed that daily application of the scalp serum reduced shedding by 72% on average after one month of use.

In a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study conducted on 88 healthy adults with mild to moderate hair damage (ages 19-60), participants experienced visible hair thickness improvement around three months and hair density improvement at six months.

For over two decades, Ben's Lab has dedicated itself to researching and crafting natural remedies for chronic inflammatory conditions. In 2023, we introduced a formula tailored specifically for hair growth, harnessing our most effective ingredients. Here's what makes Ben's Lab unique:

A research-centric approach: We are tried of the exaggerated and unproven claims made by current hair products. We strongly value having research-centric approach which involves extensive research, high-standard sourcing criteria, and rigorous testing.

Addressing the root cause: We believe that hair growth products today overlook the root causes by relying on harmful chemicals. Our formula supports the three pillars for healthy follicle function: suppressing chronic inflammation, controlling oxidative stress, and promoting cell growth.

Ingredient bioavailability: The more your body can absorb and utilize nutrients, the more impact those nutrients will have. The ingredients in Ben's Lab are selected for how easy they are to absorb, for their potency, and their effectiveness.

We’ve spent over two decades researching and experimenting with different natural ingredients. While ingredient selection and sourcing is important, it's only one of the components we consider when we think of quality. Manufacturing and testing are also important, and we go above and beyond industry standards to ensure quality. Our preclinical tests validate safety and functionality, while human clinical trials follow strict regulations and conform high standards.

You can read more about our process and clinical trials here.

Finasteride is a chemical compound that competes with testosterone in binding to 5-alpha reductase, preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Finasteride has shown efficacy in treating hair loss, but interferes with the normal hormonal processes, potentially causing various side effects, including sexual dysfunction and changes in mood.

Ben's Lab has found that DHT activity increases the inflammatory cytokine IL-6 in hair follicles. Our supplements do not compete with testosterone in binding, but instead inhibit harmful byproducts which include inflammation and oxidative stress.

Yes! All Ben's Lab products have been inspected and cleared by the Federal Drug Administration.