We're here to help you love your hair.

We're here to help you love your hair.

Simple scalp care for those with sensitive skin, suffering from hair thinning or loss.

Third-party tested
Science-driven formula
100% drug free
For women and men

Quality ingredients
optimized for impact.

We believe that hair growth products today overlook the root causes by relying on harmful chemicals. At Ben's Lab, our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced for their potency and tested for long-term efficacy and safety.

Alleviates inflammation and protects cells from oxidative stress to maintain healthy cellular function.

Promotes cell growth and supports vascular health by dilating blood vessels and improving circulation.

Rich in catechin compounds that support natural reproduction, regeneration, and renewal of cells.

Stimulates cell metabolism, encouraging healthy hair growth. Strengthens hair structure improving its shine and texture.

Plays a vital role in the synthesis of keratin, a protein that forms the primary structural component of hair, skin, and nails.

An essential nutrient for growth in hair and skin cells. Reduces skin inflammation while strengthening the immune system.

Ben's Lab Hair Supplement and Scalp Serum sitting next to beaker

Researched. Tested.
Clinically proven.


Thinning hair starts
beneath the skin.

Your hair’s vitality is determined by the health of your hair follicles beneath the skin. Our formula activates at the hair root, supporting the three pillars of healthy follicle function:

Suppressing Chronic Inflammation

Controlling Oxidative Stress

Promoting Cell Growth

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Ben's Lab is formulated for women and men looking to support and protect their scalp from hair thinning and loss. While hair thinning is multifactorial, all of our scalps are reliant on the same nutrients and susceptible to the common causes of hair miniaturization.

We developed a daily care routine that includes a supplement and topical serum that work in tandem to defy hair thinning and loss from the inside out.

Ben's Lab is not intended for individuals under 18 or pregnant women.

While many factors influence the results you may see from Ben's Lab, including the consistency of your routine and your health prior to starting, most results are experienced between 1 month to 6 months.

A third-party clinical trial showed that daily application of the scalp serum reduced shedding by 72% on average after one month of use.

In a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study conducted on 88 healthy adults with mild to moderate hair damage (ages 19-60), participants experienced visible hair thickness improvement around three months and hair density improvement at six months.

For over two decades, Ben's Lab has dedicated itself to researching and crafting natural remedies for chronic inflammatory conditions. In 2023, we introduced a formula tailored specifically for hair growth, harnessing our most effective ingredients. Here's what makes Ben's Lab unique:

A research-centric approach: We are tried of the exaggerated and unproven claims made by current hair products. We strongly value having research-centric approach which involves extensive research, high-standard sourcing criteria, and rigorous testing.

Addressing the root cause: We believe that hair growth products today overlook the root causes by relying on harmful chemicals. Our formula supports the three pillars for healthy follicle function: suppressing chronic inflammation, controlling oxidative stress, and promoting cell growth.

Ingredient bioavailability: The more your body can absorb and utilize nutrients, the more impact those nutrients will have. The ingredients in Ben's Lab are selected for how easy they are to absorb, for their potency, and their effectiveness.

We’ve spent over two decades researching and experimenting with different natural ingredients. While ingredient selection and sourcing is important, it's only one of the components we consider when we think of quality. Manufacturing and testing are also important, and we go above and beyond industry standards to ensure quality. Our preclinical tests validate safety and functionality, while human clinical trials follow strict regulations and conform high standards.

You can read more about our process and clinical trials here.

Yes! All Ben's Lab products have been inspected and cleared by the Federal Drug Administration.

More than just hair

At Ben's Lab, we understand that hair is more than just strands of protein atop our heads. It's an integral part of our identity, influencing how others see us, and more importantly, how we perceive ourselves. Our mission is to offer a holistic, nature-inspired approach that nurtures both your hair and your confidence.

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